Who is Hyok Lee

Hi, my name is Hyok Lee. I am a 40-something dad who has been recently been rekindling an old interest in diet, fitness and health. I have two kids, a 9-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl. They've kept me busy for a number of years, and I have been barely hanging in there, just trying to maintain some semblance of fitness.

Besides the birth of my children, I have gone through a lot of changes in the last few years. Besides turning 40 and having to deal with the less-than-ideal changes in metabolism, I have also gone through changes in residence, jobs, etc. Now that my kids are old enough that they don't need 24/7 helicoptering (it's debatable if they ever did, but that's a different topic altogether!), I've have had some time recently to catch my breath.

About two years ago, I started delving more into health, diet and fitness again. I found a vastly changed landscape. Sure, there were still the people still harping on the high-carb, low-fat mantra. But, there was also exciting new developments, such as intermittent fasting, reverse dieting, carb backloading and probiotics. And, what's up with that guy putting butter in his coffee?! (That is actually quite tasty)

So, the purpose of this blog is to chronicle some of the things I'm doing to try to stay in shape. Consider it an ongoing N=1 experiment. Perhaps, my experiences can help someone. Perhaps. someone can help me.

Thanks for visiting!