OK, folks, this is where I will post my experiments with various diet, where the sample size is N=yours truly. Just be warned, there may be shirtless pics of me. Parental discretion is highly advised!! 😉

So, as I was saying, I always tried to stay fit and healthy, but life got in the way. I never stopped working out, even after my kids were born, but it was only recently that I decided to redouble my efforts. I’m a big believer in actually trying things, rather than analyze them to death.

The start of my experimentation coincided with a shoulder injury that prevented me from benching heavy weights. I read of a study done that showed superior protein synthesis in the muscles at very high reps, in the 30-50 range. The key was to perform them to failure. That is where I started off.


December 2012 to April 2013: “Clean Eating”

I just tried to eat “clean.” What that meant to me was to not overeat, and eat only to 80% satiation. I also made an effort to eat low glycemic carbs, such as beans and the lowest of the low GI, chana dal, an Indian legume. I was never fond of vegetables, so I didn’t make much of an effort to eat them, and I ate animal proteins such as lean beef and chicken, to satiation. You can see the results here.


May 2013 to September 2013: “The Warrior Diet”

I dusted off an old favorite. I crashed hard, the last time I tried it, but I decided to give it another try. This time, I actually bought the book and gave it an honest try. The results are posted here.


October 2013 to April 2014: “Carb Backloading”

I got turned on to John Kiefer’s idea of eating carbs at night. He also allows protein feedings during the day. This made my days much easier than being on the Warrior Diet. The results are posted here.


Mid-April 2014 to July 2014: “Carb Nite Solution”

Another John Kiefer creation, after a 10-day low carb reset stage, you eat carbs every 4-5 days. In fact, you gorge on carbs for 6-8 hours. The results are here.


July 31, 2014 to present: “IIFYM” combined with “Reverse Dieting”

I became aware of Layne Norton’s work via Sarah Strange, a blogger on Robb Wolf’s website. He advocates tracking macro nutrients and eating the maximum amount of carbohydrates as you can, without gaining weight. Also, I began to think that I’ve been dieting for too long, especially low carb, and I wanted to slowly increase by carbs. When I started, my carb intake was below 50 grams/day. I was eating a lot of fat, because I was coming off Carb Nite. You can see the results thus far, and continuing progress here.