The Warrior Diet Experiment 2.0
August 19, 2014
What a Difference a Year Makes!
January 19, 2016

“Clean Eating”

Height: 5' -8"
Weight: 168 lbs

OK, “Clean Eating” is nebulous. How I implemented it was to eat moderate fat/moderate protein, and eat carbs to satiation, choosing low glycemic carbs, such as lentils and bean, and low GI fruits such as apples and tomatoes. At about this time, I implemented a high rep weight workout, to work around the pain I felt in the AC joint of my shoulder, whenever I benched heavy weights.

Here I am, at the start of the experiment, in December 2013.

Height: 5' -8" Weight: 168 lbs

Height: 5′ -8″
Weight: 168 lbs

As you can see, not horrible, but Calvin Klein was not about to knock down my door, asking me to model their underwear.

As a result of me watching my diet and implementing the higher volume workout, I lost nine pounds. I didn’t have the six-pack abs, but I did lose quite a bit of fat. Here I am in April, 2013.


Weight: 159 lbs

I was happy to lose the weight, but I was not making progress in the gym. I felt like I lost some muscle in the process. I thought, what the heck! I’m NOT going to pack on a lot of muscle this late in life. I just want to get lean. That’s when I tried the ole’ Warrior Diet again.

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